Our planet, seen from the International Space Station, looks like a Christmas tree. This light, visible from space, is light pollution caused by outdoor lighting that project the light to all directions, diminishing greatly the darkness of the night sky.

Light pollution is a global problem that we must fight for the following reasons:

  • It is a great waste of energy and money;
  • Contributes to climate change;
  • Affects living beings and in particular human life;
  • Prevents people from seeing the stars and disturb astronomical observations.

The international project Dark Skies Rangers is promoted in Portugal by NUCLIO with the following objectives:

  • Communicate the causes and consequences of light pollution;
  • Raise awareness of the importance of using outdoor lighting that are energy efficient and that direct the light downward;
  • Contribute to the reduction of light pollution and the preservation of the night sky;
  • Promote interest in Astronomy;

In order to achieve these goals, the NUCLIO organizes two international contests:



ABAE – Eco-Schools Program
Astronomers Without Borders
Cosmic Light / International Year Of Light
Galileo Teacher Training Program
National Optical Astronomy Observatory
Open Discovery Space